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Have you often thought of joining the OHNAI, but never got around to it? Well there is no excuse because we are offering first time members FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR ONE YEAR!
(Not available to lapsed members or current OHNAI members)

To join the association simply fill out the application form below..
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The annual membership fee is €40 – renewable every November. The membership year runs from November to November, If your membership is not paid by March 1st of the membership year your name will be removed from our mailing list. (You will be notified prior to this).


NOTE: Please ensure to put your name beside any bank transfer as we need to know who has made a payment.

Bank Account details:

AIB; Main St, Malahide; Co Dublin

IBAN –  IE46 AIBK 9325 2346 9001 81


All cheques are to be made payable to:
OHNAI, PO Box 5616, Dublin 8


Guidelines for sponsorship of members for Conferences and Educational events from the OHNAI

As an organisations set up to promote education – each year sponsorship of members to attend educational events pertinent to Occupational Health Nursing practice will be offered.

During the course of a membership year – The OHNAI committee may agree to offer sponsorship for conferences and educational events to an agreed number of paid up members. The elected committee will decide what educational events will be sponsored and the numbers to be sponsored.

Notification will be sent to all current members advising them of the offer. The successful member/s are randomly selected by the committee from the list of those who have applied.

Details of each offer will be outlined clearly in the notification of sponsorship through email to members this will confirm whether the event will cover the cost of the event only OR the full cost of the event to include travel and overnight accomodation.

A limit on the amount of funding must be defined.

Acknowlegement of sponsorship will be made by email to all members.


Members sponsored will be required to submit feedback to the newsletter editor for the subsequent edition. They will not be entitled to normal payment of €100 for submitting this feedback.

All funding will be reimbursed on presentation of receipts only and feedback as mentioned above.

Each member can only receive sponsorship of up to €200* in any year. When this limit is reached, the member will be eliminated from applying for further major sponsorship which is greater than €200 for the remainder of that year.

In the event that a member has been selected but cannot pay for the event up front for financial reasons – this is brought to the committee for consideration of payment.

* Subject to the cost of the of the event involved & discretion of the committee