OHNAI Newsletter Writing Guidelines

                                                                                            OHNAI Newsletter

The OHNAI publishes an e-newsletter 3 times a year which is sent to all current paid OHNAI members. It is a great way for members to get involved, share knowledge and the OHNAI will pay €100 for any articles published. All articles published during each current year, will receive their payment at the AGM. The OHNAI newsletter is also available on our OHNAI website.

Types of Articles

The OHNAI is always on the lookout for

Feature articles

  • Any current or new research or studies/topics of interest in Occupational Health from Occupational Health Nurses
  • (Minimum 200-300 Words)

Short articles                        

  • Reviews of any Occupational Health Books, Conferences or workshops.
  • Reviews of interest should be sent within a month of attending the event. Focus should on what is new and of general interest rather than including a lot of background information about the event.    


  • Social column news
  • Advertisements
  • Upcoming events

Notes for Submission

  • For feature or short articles-remember to include your full name, position/title organisation
  • We prefer articles and images to be submitted as electronic files (MS word, JPEG).
  • Articles need to be written in clear, non-technical language, and aim to engage the interest of the membership at large.

How do I submit my work?